SWM What's New - May 26, 2021

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  • Planning application approvals included:
    • Consent application for existing townhouse block at 155 Water Street. The severed lands each contain a dwelling unit of an existing townhome block, and are otherwise vacant of any buildings or structures. An easement over the retained lot and the abutting severed lot in favour of the two internal dwelling units of the townhouse block to have legal access to the rear yard amenity space was also approved.
    • Plan of Subdivision 39T-SM-2001 & related Zoning By-law Amendment Application P10-2020 were presented. It was noted that the developent proposes 119 single family dwellings and 8 semi-detached dwelling uses plus a block for future development. Council endorsed the proposal which will now go to the County of Middlesex for approval.
    • Temporary Use By-Laws 2021-045 and 2021-046 (Zoning By-law Amendments) to permit single detached dwellings on private sanitary holding tanks for a period of up to two (2) years and eighty (80) days for 3683 Bute Street and up to three (3) years for Plan 308 Lot 9 (Montrose Street) were approved. The owners of the subject properties are required to enter into Temporary Use Agreements with the Municipality, which secure the obligations of the owners to connect to municipal/permanent servicing through both monetary security and a section 118 Land Titles Act registration on title requiring the fulfilment of the servicing obligations set out in Temporary Use Agreements.
  • Council received the following staff reports:
    • Information report concerning private properties behind Glencoe Main Street properties. The report was requested to go to property and business owners in that section of Main Street.
    • April, 2021 Variance Report was received.
  • Notice of Motion presented by Deputy Mayor Wilkins and endorsed by council:
    • THAT neighbouring counties, cities and municipalities, as a result of infestation of the gypsy moth, have taken action against the spread by doing spray programs; and

      THAT Southwest Middlesex has acres of County owned woodlots within the municipality and as such are recommending that Middlesex County initiate a County wide spray program to control the gypsy moth infestations.

In Brief

General business of Council:

  • April 21, 2021 Committee of Adjustment Meeting minutes

Correspondence Action:

Support of resolutions of:

  • West Elgin regarding Phragmites (excluding declaring Phragmites as a noxious weed)

Adopted By-laws to:

  • Zoning Amendment - 3683 Bute Street
  • Zoning Amendment - Plan 308, Lot 9, Montrose Street
  • Zoning Amendment - Mosa Con 1 S Pt Lot 1 RP34R223 Pt 1 (1st & 2nd reading only)
  • Confirm the proceedings of Council - May 26, 2021