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Agendas for the Southwest Middlesex council meetings are posted the Friday prior to the meeting.  Southwest Middlesex meetings are being held virtually (online) at this time due to COVID-19 physical distancing requirements,  Meetings are able to be viewed online in real time on our YouTube channel.

  • We livestream meetings as they are taking place.  However, we sometimes experience technical issues and where possible we provide a recorded copy of the meeting or portion thereof on our YouTube channel within 48 hours of the meeting.
  • Unless otherwise stated on the agenda, meetings are held at the municipal office

Meeting agendas, minutes and reports are available from our website. 



  • Previous Meetings and Minutes available by request



Council meeting dates and related information:

  • Council Meeting Dates are available on our calendar page
  • Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest are available on the Mayor & Council page
  • Information on how to request to be part of a meeting is found on the Mayor & Council page
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